GTC Annual Conference 2019

Once a year, everyone with a passion to Grow This Country, will come together not only to discuss, but to implement actions to achieve the goals South Africa needs to reach. 

Let’s stand together and make ACTUAL change to Grow This Country! The GTC Annual Conference will NOT just be talk, there will be workshops and teams created to take things further and act on ideas and new thinking nurtured at the event.


Attendees include:

  • Corporate Leadership
  • Government Leaders
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Small Business Owners
  • Creative Thought Leaders
  • Social Influencers
  • Public Interest Groups


Topics include:

  • Foreign Investment into SA
  • Export Opportunities
  • Marketing SA
  • Changing the News/Media
  • International Perceptions
  • Tourism Development
  • The End of Racism
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Youth Development
  • Sports Development
  • Entertainment Development
  • Healing SA. The Health Mission.


What this space for more information and bookings.

01AdminGTC Annual Conference 2019

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