About Grow This Country

Grow This Country is an organization with its main goal being the growth and development of South Africa, its people and its economy. We believe that the success of this country will depend on companies and individuals working together to make this happen. South Africa is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, with a great climate and beautiful people from all cultures imaginable.

We will grow the cities, grow the towns, fight racism and corruption, promote peace, bring in foreign investment, increase tourism, build small businesses and teach entrepreneurs.  We will make South Africa greater than its ever been, greater than anyone has ever dreamt it could be!  We will become a big player in the world economy. Our people, ALL OUR PEOPLE, will become rich in money, love and happiness! Once and for all!

This is our mission, and this is what will happen.

Can South Africa become the greatest nation in Africa? In the Southern Hemisphere? In the World? Why not? We just need to believe it, inspire the nation and take action. If we don’t try, we will go backwards. At Grow This Country it is our absolute mission to grow South Africa in a positive way. This includes:

  • Fighting poverty
  • Reducing crime
  • Eliminate illiteracy
  • Teaching the masses
  • Build small businesses
  • Increase foreign investments
  • Grow tourism
  • END racism of ANY kind!
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